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Billboard Music Awards 2014 Red Carpet



As you may have noticed I've been in Glasgow over the past week which has been absolutely amazing and I've so much to blog about and pictures to show but that's gonna have to wait because I'm about to head into Lund for the CARNIVAL!!! Only happens every four years so gotta make the best of it! The partying keeps on going - YOLO...!

St. George's Square

Glasgow Cathedral

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I understand it's quite crap just showing two pictures from the most celebrated day of the year for us Scandinavians, but this day was filled with too much geatness to even care about a camera. For those who don't know what Valborg is, allow me to translate - GET DRUNK. Lund is one of the most hyped places to be in on this drunken day (last day of April) because of all the crazy wild students. Police are everywhere and the entire town turns into a massive party from dusk till dawn and beyond! If you havn't experienced it yet, put it on your bucket list!

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