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This storm is really not a joke. People have died, roads are flooded, trees have collapsed, and I've been watching the news all day just waiting for it to hit Sweden. Mother Nature really is pissed! Our electricity has come and gone a few times but nothing to be fussed about. I tried stepping outside but couldn't even open the door the wind was so strong. However, once I got outside, not gonna lie - I was blown away. The strength and power these winds carry makes it pretty scary. They say the worst is over so hopefully it will be a calmer night ahead but you never know...all I know is that I'm gonna stay put with a cup of tea and watch TV.


in the park

autumn sunset





October 9th, 2013




Tuva Alicia

Today I've spent the day with one of my oldest friends-Elise! We've known eachother since we were 6 and now she is the mother to a beautiful baby girl named Tuva Alicia. She was so tiny and it's crazy  to think that once upon a time I myself must have been that small...pretty amazing when I think about it!
Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to teaching her a few pranks to pull on her parents when she gets older, hehe! ;) 

the power of love

Just felt the need to write this down because it's too funny not to. I'm in the bathroom getting pretty when I hear my brother sneak into my room.
"What are you doing in my room...?"
"Dominating - just like wherever I go!"
"Well, get out of there!"
"If I'm gonna clean my room, I need some good upbeat music to listen to"
By this point I'm expecting Avicii, Linkin Park, Daft Punk, wrong was I...a few seconds later I hear Céline Dion's "The Power of Love" blast out of my speakers and when I turn around, there he stands, singing along totally lost in the power ballad.
I have no further comment.



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