It's the last day of may today and in exacly ONE WEEK I will be finished with my University degree!! Aaaaah! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by...it may not feel like yesterday that I moved to London, but it definitely doesn't feel like 3 years ago! It feels very weird when I look back at all the memories I've had here, that soon I won't be living here anymore. My life is here in London. This is where I've grown more independant than ever and been getting by on my own with literally no problems at all. Since my time here isn't up yet I'm not going to get all sentimental and blog as if I'm moving tomorrow, however in a couple of weeks I will! In stages I will look back over these amazing three years and share some of my best and most memorable experiences with you that I may or may not have blogged about before! Keep an eye out for that one! 
Back to reality now - do some work!

Playing With Fire

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing Simona's final production - Playing with Fire. A play written by no other than our very own Swedish playwrite August Strindberg. I am not a fan of plays, I find them very boring and all the scenes are dragged out far too long than needed to get the message across BUT this play was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it and a most of the actors were very good and convincing as Swedish people. Although, the way they pronounced some names very quite funny. Anyhow, it was a very nice evening at the Drayton Theatre in South Kensington with lovely people!


classic look


shoes from      nelly   choies   romwe    asos    

I cannot begin to describe my passion for shoes. Do not worry, I have self control but boy if I didn't, these shoes would be on their way to my closet right now!

Soho Square


sneak peak

british coutryside visit

I didn't take a lot of pictures during my visit to Bristol but here are a few. I always have a nice time with my cousin and her family. They are so lovely and welcoming and live in the most beautiful cottage where you truly are able to relax. There were no sirens, no police cars, no drunk people, no litter, no traffic, no noisy neighbours, no tourists, etc...just very peaceful! 
Now I need to focus on my show! In two weeks I will be finished with my University degree and I cannot WAIT!

empty tube carriage

a view to kill

I'm back in London after a couple of lovely and relaxing days out in the coutryside! Will tell you more about it tomorrow because now I gotta go to a party at the Vortex in Dalston! Never a dull moment in my life!


Byebye London, I'm going away to Bristol for a couple of days to spend time with my cousin and her family out in the countryside! Looking forward to some fresh air!

Flame Proof Moth

There are many interesting things you come across in London, but this has to be one of the best. The Flame Proof Moth is (believe it or not) an artist that spends his days singing by the river, and when the tide comes, he sings whilst standing in the river. In my opinion he's a true legend with very original songs. The song "Gas" has to be my favourite and if you listen to it, you are guaranteed a laugh!

Billboard Music Awards 2013 Blue Carpet


beautiful day


It's friday, friday, gonna get down on fridaaay! Everytime it's friday that bloody song "Friday" keeps playing on repeat in my head. Very annoying, yet quite entertaining. Tonight I'm going to Walkabout by Temple with a few of the girls from my flat! Very exciting! We've been talking about going out together for ages now but my dissertation always got in the way, but now it's over and done with so we're gonna celebrate! 
I managed to watch the two Eurovision semi-finals and my brain almost died with sarcasm. It's just so hard to contain the comments when each and every entry this year are pretty much begging for it. I don't know if I can handle the final tomorrow evening - overload! I'll be a "sarcasm-machine" for sure. It's good entertainment though and since Sweden is hosting I feel obligated to watch it!


Scandinavian Kitchen

Today was an awesome day! Having hopefully gotten rid of all the alcohol in my body I was able to enjoy a whole day without being hungover! Markus, Heather and I went for some traditional Scandinavian lunch at the Scandinavian Kitchen located on Great Titchfield Street. Having lived in London for almost 3 years now, it may come as a surprise that I have never actually been to that place before. Today was my first time and I was loving it! SMÖRGÅRDSBORD! I do love Swedish food, not gonna lie, and I truly have missed it.  

a few drops of heaven




The Arc

Last night was freaking amazing! Cocktails and atual dancing. Not clubbing, but real dancing. We went to the Arc in Angel with a couple of Jason's friends who were professional dancers. So good! Everyone in the bar was loving it! I tried to keep up but I'm not sure I succeeded...oh well! I later on found my true talent in the DJ booth where I started mixing some "carro tunes". DJ Carro is her rise to fame! 

T - 2 DAYS

It's so very hard to undestand that in a couple of days my dissertation will be handed in and gone forever. 3 years of University life has all led up to that moment and I can't find any words to describe how I'll feel as soon as I've submitted it. Probably because I haven't done it yet, haha. I'll get back to you on that one on Monday. Last night took an interesting turn. Ended up in Soho AGAIN...it's weird how "let's go for one glass of wine" always seems to end up becoming a bottle and before you know it, you're in Soho dancing the night away...and then you make plans to go out again the following evening because at the time it seems like such a good idea. I for sure ain't no party pooper and I always keep my word so tonight we are hitting the bars in Angel! Whoop whoop!


The Met Ball 2013 meets Punk Couture



Holy moly what a beautiful day! 20 degrees and counting! Lectures followed by a meeting with my supervisor followed by meeting up my big brother who is visiting over the weekend! Couldn't really have picked a more stressful time to visit but hey! better to come now than not come at all! I particularly loved the email he sent before boarding about the need to go shopping for a pair of summer shoes! I suppose the passion to shop runs in the family! Can't complain though!
Have a nice weekend!

big bird



When it comes to Scandinavian traditions, there is for sure one person I can count on being there with me celebrating - Markus! We always have a great time together and this day it was no different. Sparkling champagne all afternoon on the green by the river followed by a very intense semi-final champions league football game at the pub. Gotta mix a little British into this tradition since we we're in London. Thank you to Carolina and Michelle who also joined us and took part in this massive traditional Scandinavian drinking day!

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