photoshoot at the NT

This morning I had a very exciting and fun time participating in a photoshoot for the National Theatre. It was nice to get a different scenery and interact with som new as well as old faces again. The point of the shoot was to promote their Theatreworks workshops aimed at working professionals, so we "pretended" to do these workshops whilst a photographer went around and took pictures of the "good moments". It went great as usual. Anything to do with the NT is great and I'm excited about the outcome! My face might just pop up in their brochures!


@ Ruskin Park

New Addiction

What an amazing song! This girl is incredible!


What a long day it's been! I can finally tick another box for "completed modules". I had my presentation about my work experience at the National Theatre today which I thought went great! Got some great feedback as well so fingers crossed for a first! (totally deserve it!) Being the supportive person that I am (hehe), I watched all of the other presentations as well which ended up being 4 hours in total of sitting on my ass. It's become more flat than ever now...depressing times. That's what hard and studious work does to you though, sadly. You sit on your arse all day long and eat rubbish food because you're so bored/stressed. Can't wait till May 13th when this dissertation is due. Not gonna lie - I'm getting smashed!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend whatever they end up doing. I'll be in my room...sitting on my flat arse...typing on my computer...yaaaaay...!

last night's

blazer - mango suit // heels - jeffrey campbell // clutch - topshop // shirt - m&s // trousers - zara

we hit the town because...

clear blue sky



white shades


Hello there blog!
It's been such a long time now since I've written something so I thought I'd take a break from my dissertation and bring you up to speed on what's been going on! I've been very busy lately and stressed. Time is working against me from every direction and when I'm not working, I'm out being a social butterfly or asleep! On Friday we started our lectures again after a very long three-week Easter holiday. After lectures, I went with a few friends to the nearest pub for one several drinks. After that we went to a food festival in Haggerston which was amazing! Great crowd but very chilly. For better or for worse, I had to keep drinking to stay warm! 
Then last night I first went with Delfina and a couple of her friends to the last open night of Blu Bar in Hoxton. After that closed at midnight we went to a friend of a friend's birthday party in Stoke Newington. Massive warehouse party with lots of interesting people. Since I was sober and on the H2O all night (big hangover...) I had the pleasure of watching other people get entertainingly drunk! Got to bed at 5am - not good!
That's my very eventful weekend followed by a very uneventful Sunday where I've literally been writing...and writing...and writing!
stay strong!




the first day of the year without a jacket!

bar 55


I am beyond excited about the Olsen twins collaboration with BIKBOK! These two trendy gals are truly iconic and my absolute favourites when it comes to fashion inspiration. I know I'm going to want every single piece from the collection before even having seen them. Such great news this Saturday, and it's not even finished yet! Going over to Delfina's later for wine and gossip before heading out to a gig on Stoke Newington High St! 
Have a fabulous evening!

today's in three stages

too cute for words


gone with the wind


Nelly Fashion Creative

I had some time to spare and entered the web design competition for It was actually pretty fun! I doubt I'll win but I really like my own design...I just hope the judges do too!


the look of today


it's incredible how a bottle of wine and good company can relieve you from all the stress in the world


Talk about having a productive day! I have writte quite a big number of words for my dissertation and even if it's killing me slowly and softly the desire and motivation to continue writing is still there. Strange. I guess it's because it's an interesting subject...? The sun did shine again today as I requested, so I also went for a lovely power walk along the riverside. What a great day! Tomorrow shall be no different. Work, work, and more work.


Another month has gone by and even if it's still bloody freezing(!), the long lost sun decided to appear today which I thought was worth documenting. So here it is shining on The Shard. Absolutely beautiful. Fingers crossed for another sunny day tomorrow!

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