november 2012

I remember when I wore this outfit, I thought I looked so cool dressed in all black with that bold bright pink top walking along South Bank. Don't know where that top is now...must have not made the cut when moving back to Sweden last year...sad! This was the time of the "ombre" which my hair has sort of gone back to now. Don't get me wrong, it was a good look TWO years ago but I'm very much over it (been there done that), so I feel that I need a change. I've decided to go back to blonde. There is just something about being blonde that just feels right. I'm gonna book in an appointment this week and get it done before I die of boredom whilst looking in the mirror. 
What else? Well, I've been sick for about 10 days now but I'm on the mend so hopefully after a good night's sleep I'll feel fabulous tomorrow! The blog has been suffering since moving back home last year but there's just not anything happening here and I'm not at all inspired to take any photographs, because there's nothing to take pictures of. This is me just talking writing to myself but I guess it will be fun entertainment to look back at in 20 years! 


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