Liverpool Part II



for the moment I'm feeling rather crap since I've lost 3 of my senses due to this horrific cold/flu...will return when back to normal!

Emmy Awards Red Carpet 2013


Liverpool Part I

John Lennon's childhood home
Paul Mccartney's childhood home 

weekend holiday



couldn't resist!

last post as a 21 year old

Okay, not gonna lie but I'm a little excited right now because in less that 2 hours it's gonna be my birthday! Very hard to believe that another year has gone by this quickly. So much has happened - I've moved three times, graduated, gotten a JOB (did I forget to mention that?), cut my hair, bought more fashionable items, drunk more wine than I dare to admit, etc...I mean the list is endless!  2013 always seemed like a good year and it isn't even over yet. Still got 3 and a half moths to go for more magic to happen!
(picture from September 2012)
Anyhow, soon I'm turning 22 which is exciting. Every year that goes by becomes better than the last. Why is that? I mean seriously? I have no good answer to that but I'd like to think of life as wine - only get's better with age! 


Målilla Semi-Finals

On Wednesday, dad and I drove up to Målilla to watch the Swedish second Semi-Finals in Speedway between Dackarna and Elit Vetlanda. Dackarna was only down by 8 points from the day before and you'd think they'd have the advantage on their home track but already after the first heat we were proven wrong...sadly. The amount of points they just gave away due to stupidity really did ruin their chances of winning. After 10 heat we had seen enough, so we left early. Such a shame because the potential of it being an incredible and intense meet was so high yet already gone after the first few heats. Anyhow, looking forward to the finals between Piraterna and Elit Vetlanda in a couple of weeks! 

sweet innocence


I was extremely happy to see my dear friend Emilie again after two years last week! Together we went went into Malmö and met up with Hanna, Emma, Marvin and Anna in one of the most beautiful parks I've ever seen! Cannot remember the name but it's one of the main ones, ha!
Anyhow, it's crazy how two whole years had gone by without us seeing eachother yet we are still just as good of friends as we always were. These are the type of true friends that are the best and mean the most. It shouldn't matter how long you're apart, because a stong, honest and real friendship lasts forever. I'm incredibly lycky to be surrounded by such a great group of people. Cherish your close friends because they are just like diamonds - very hard to find! 
Now this is turning into too much cheese for my taste (even though I'm the only writing it...weird...) so I'm gonna move on by saying it's MY BIRTHDAY IN 9 DAYS!


don't feel like writing anything quite yet so I'm just gonna continue uploading pictures!



shoes from destiny


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