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One topic I've always left out of this blog is talking about relationships/romance/sex. Mostly this is due to the fact that my parents have been reading this blog, but also because this is a public social network and I'm a very private person who doesn't openly share everything with anyone. However, my parents don't know that this blog is "live" again and I'm too mature/confident these days to care about what other people think/might find out. That doesn't mean I'm gonna go all out, but I just want to address the subject. 
My friends (both men and women) and I are very explicit, factual and descriptive when it comes to our "intimate" lives. We love joking around, discussing, sharing experiences and advicing eachother on many things. I've often been told that what I say is actually what most people are thinking, but are too shy to talk about as they think it might effect how they are percieved and their personal reputation. I find this very sad to hear and I feel for these people. I pesonally do not care about my reputation - I keep it real, live, express, and act how I deem appropriate and how I want - this is what makes me feel so free. I would encourage everyone to be like this, however, it would mean breaking social norms and expectations which I respect that the majority of people don't feel comfortable with and are not ready to do.
I love how open the conversations between my friends and I are (how truly raw and real we get), and if necessary I will be open and honest with a complete stranger too if I feel they're genuine, it will help them, and give them strength to be true to themselves and let them know they're not "weird" for being/thinking a certain way. We are all unique individuals who want/like different things in life just like we priositise and value different things. So, when discussing intimacy it's almost become a taboo subject to the general pulic - something embarassing and inappropriate whereas it's genuinly the first thing I talk about with the people I'm closest to. Why? BECAUSE IT'S FUN!!! Don't get me wrong, we talk about global issues as well and daily life struggles, but nothing brings us more happiness and laughter than to talk about our sex lives. I'm not going to go into detail on here as that's not what this post is about. What this post is about is encouraging each and every individual to be more open and share experiences with the people they feel comfortable doing so with. I do draw the line at family though...personally I do not want to know anything about my parents or brother because they are simply too close to me and that would be too much (even for me!) but anyone else - I love hearing about other people's stories and if they're interested in mine then I'm happy to share and advice (where applicable). 
Anyways, just a thought but we should all be able to do talk about what we want and not be viewed any differently for it. 
Happy Valborg!

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