a midsummer night's dream


snake suit

5 years

today it's been 5 (!) years since I graduated from high school...holy crap! 5 whole years! Time flies as you get older that's for sure. I can still remember this day (somewhat) clearly and it was one of the most incredible days of my life...so far! 

summer child


a close up from exactly a year ago! I really love that aztec-designed necklace (forever 21) and I think I need to wear it more often! Also, I've totally forgotten to show the pictures from my week Glasgow! How did that happen!? Work's been really intense but after today it will slow down a little so I'll be able to spend more time shaping up the blog!
Oh and on another note - I broke my camera...sucks...but on the bright side it means I need get a new one...a better one! Happy Sunday!

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