summer child


Whenever we drive up to Göteborg, we always make a stop at this restaurant in Falkenberg - it's a must! They have the most gorgeous seafood dishes and you never leave dissapointed! Highly recommend it!


When it comes to fashion there is no denying that this woman knows how to dress! Viktoria Beckham is my ultimate fashion icon and looks very chic in anything that she wears. Not gonna lie - I wanna be her. 

by the sea is the place to be

Viktoria, Emma and I had an amazing time celebrating Midsummer by the beach yesterday. It was very windy but we managed to get some cool shots! I love the open views that Sweden has to offer and when it's warm and sunny there is no view that can compare to a southern Swedish seaside sunset - they are breathtaking! I've missed my girls! The only one missing was Stina who is still in England...soon she'll be back though! 
After the beach we ended the evening with a very entertaining film called "Children of the Corn" which is an oldie and very not scary even if it's considered a horror flick...We enjoyed it at least! Got home at 2am and went straight to bed.
Today's been very relaxing and now I'm currently watching one of my favourite TV-shows - Buffy the vampire slayer! I am a proud owner of all the seasons of both Buffy and Angel so I'm having a marathon! 



I hope everyone had a fantastic midsummer's eve - I sure did!


into the open air

the journey

Guess what folks? I'm back in Sweden! Yesterday was such a long day and I was completely knackered when I got home so I just slept. The journey was one of the worst ones I've ever been thorugh. Our plane was one hour late without any explanation from the pilot which pissed us off. The toilet on the plane stank like crap because it hadn't been cleaned. We had mega turbulance during take off and landing which was slightly unnerving...and in Copenhagen the weather was pissing down! I'd been up since 7am packing and cleaning so by this point I was beyond tired so having to deal with all the screaming and annoying small kids on the train over to Sweden was a massive pain in the ass. Parents in this country are seriously in need of lessons on how to raise kids - just saying! It's simple, if they are being loud in a public area you make them shut up instead of encouraging it. You make them sit down on trains instead of running around as if it's a playground. It doesn't end there. When we finally reached our stop and are getting off the train the rain is pouring heavier than ever and the Swedes just stand there blocking the exit without any consideration to the people (us) who are carrying big and heavy suitcases. I ran over a few and didn't look back. They should not have been in my way. Starting to wonder if moving back to this country was the right thing to do...the people not only lack manners but common sense as well! 
Just realised this entry became a really negative one but to be fair I have had better days than yesterday and I havn't written in a while so I believe I can be excused! Anyhow, today had been showers all day and I've just been sorting out my luggage and packing up everything. It's gonna take a while though before it's done but when it is, I'll take a few pictures and show you how my room looks!

Bye London

No posts over the last few days because I've been extremely busy. Soon the taxi arrives that's going to take us to the airport and away from the spectacular city that has been my home for the last three years, There have been so many ups and a few downs along the way but the day where I pack up and leave has now arrived. Very sad to think I'm not coming back, apart from my graduation in October but that's ages away! I've never been away from London that long before - mental! My room is as empty as can be and it looks very strange. No clothes or shoes ANYWHERE! No trace of me can be found which is quite sad. Anyhow, I'm gonna finish up a few more things before I'm off. This is my last post as a Londoner (!) so goodbye for now. I'll blog when I'm back in Sweden and ready for a summer full of new adventures!


Had a wonderful breakfast today at Le Pain by London Bridge with Ibi. Loving how busy I am these last days although we could do with som sunshine - please! Anyhow, my parents are in the town so I'm very excited to go out to dinner to one of our favourite restaurants - Angus Steakhous! Their menu is one of the best in London in you like steak. And for dessert their cheesecake is phenomenal! Have a great rest of the day!


Jenny and I had a fantastic breakfast at The Breakfast Club. Had to wait in line for 30 minutes to get a table but it was well worth it because the food in there was amazing! No wonder it's so popular! It was great to have a last chat with her and I will really miss her a lot! The afternoon was spent with my superstar Micky whom I too will miss beyond belief but hopefully he's going to visit me in Sweden over the summer - excited! Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with Ibi before my parents arrive! Busy busy yet so much fun! 
Btw I woke up today at 8.30 and was NOT tired! That's crazy for someone who literally never sees daylight before noon usually. I was so tired last night and managed to fall asleep at 10.30pm so I had a good 10 hour sleep and woke up this morning feeling so very fresh! I like it! Hopefully I can continue like this for another week!



blue fence

a year has passed

Today is quite a sad day because it's been exactly one year since our beloved Winnie passed away. I didn't get to say goodbye which still carries a great sadness in my heart. I don't think I have ever shed as many tears as I did one year ago but I had to get all the pain out. Only people who have had close pets for a long period of time can understand how great of a loss it is. You lose a family member which it's very hard to deal with. Only time can heal a broken heart, so that's how I'm dealing with this. 


Yesterday was a very busy day. Started off with breakfast with Tom at 8.30 followed by a stroll around London Bridge with Simona, followed by an afternoon with Yasmin (who gave me the sweetest card!) and an evening chillout with Hannah and Emma in the flat. What was fantastic was that Yasmin and I went to the NT's Propstore, which they started last year and I don't think I could stop blogging about it. I lived there last year. It's the pop-up pub on the southbank made up of old sets from the NT. Totally amazing! This year it looked different, but in a good way. Many more seats and props to look at!
Now I'm up again rather early to have breakfast with lovely Jenny at the Breakfast Club in Soho. Really looking forward to it! It's so difficult to fit all my friends in because I wanna spend quality time with each and every one before I leave. I cherish my friends dearly and am extremely happy and lucky to have them in my life.

picnic in the park

a swedish royal wedding

Swedish princess Madeleine has married her man and she looked absolutely stunning in her Valentino. I don't agree with monarchy but they do pull off some pretty fabulous weddings! 

i just came to say HELLO


I need to change my hair. I am bored of it beyond belief and refuse to get the ombre again with my roots having grown out quite far now. I want the summer blonde glow!



having fun in the sun


proud moment

I am so very proud of my wonderfully talented friend. He did a phenomenal performance last night and I couldn't have asked for any more. Let's not forget about Jason, our guitarist, he too was incredible and together they touched our hearts with music. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported us last night!  


I'm beyond tired, beyond stressed, and way beyond excited because tonight is the night of my show! Finally! The evening has arrived and I'm so nervous, but in a good way. Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow and breakfast in bed! Much deserved after all this work. I need a holiday, a long holiday, ha! 
Wish us luck for tonight!

happy birthday

Before the day is up, I just want to write a post wishing my dear father a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or technically the day is already over in Sweden but over here we still have an hour left so I am not too late. My dad is the greatest in every possible way and I hope he had a wonderful day (even if I wasn't there...) because he is gold worthy of it! 

live it up

last night I was a guy spy



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