swedish sunset

lost autumn pictures

Here are a few autumn pictures I've completely forgotten to share - oops! Gonna do my best to upload the blog more frequently from now on since it seems I've lost the touch a little. Anyhow guess where I was last weekend? In the capital city Stockholm! I've only been there once before when I was about 3 so cannot say I remember much of it. We saw the hit musical "Spök" at Circus and it was one of the best musicals I've ever seen (and I've seen quite a few!) Everything was fantastic from the singing, acting, script, stage production, details, set - you name it! If it was in English, I'd say it would make it to the West End but since it's not, only us Swedes can enjoy it ;P 

Giuseppe Zanotti


just saying

new favourite channel

I have found my new favourite TV channel. It's a music channel that actually plays music videos much unlike MTV. MTV used to be the best with all the music charts and TRL, I mean how amazing was that program! Now, it's gone so far downhill that the only thing they show are crap "reality" shows. Totally not cool with that so guess how glad I was when I came across this new channel called something with Urban (memory is shit...) It's ONLY music videos, all the time - whoppi! That was really the only thing I was going to write...hmm...on the other hand, anyone else feeling the cold, gloomy November vibe? However, it will be Christmas season in a month which is my favourite time of the year and I cannot wait!
Seeing Thor 2 tonight with big bro, I hope it's good!

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