It's snowing outside...SNOWING...and A LOT OF IT! It's almost April for crying out loud! Global warming my ass...more like global freezing. I don't think I've ever experienced snow this late in the year - ever! It's insane! Where was this during Christmas? It's Easter now and we want to feel the sun shining on our faces, not a snow blizzard slapping us on the cheeks. Anyhow, last night was pretty cool. We had our last lecture before the break and we got kicked out of our room because of the National Film Festival. Good times. Afterwards a few of us went to The Gladstone for some pints and pies. All was very good indeed! In the evening I went with Tom to Warner Brothers for a preview screening (in their own private theatre - amazing!) of a film called Gayby. It was such a good film! Very funny and I can highly recommend it for a good laugh! Comedic timing at its best. We had great drinks and met some really cool people. Thank you to Harry and Tom for a wonderful evening!
Then I get back home and there's a massive pre party going on in the kitchen. It was Emma's birthday so all the girls were celebrating before heading out for some dancing. The flat got very quite and just as I'd fallen asleep the bloody fire alarm goes off! To have to stand outside at 2am in the freezing cold, wind and rain in pyjamas for 30 minutes was torture. Luckily I found my flatmate Hannah in the crowd so we were miserable together. If I don't get ill now, I must have one heck of an immune system!
Tonight - Micky's second gig!


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